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Ulu Ai-Sedilu Orangutan Landscape
© Mazidi Abd Ghani / WWF-Malaysia
Gunung Lesong-Ulu Sebuyau Orangutan Corridor

This project started in 2021. The objective is for orangutan conservation and community livelihood, by:

  • Establishing a 389-hectare wildlife corridor that connects Gunung Lesong and Ulu Sebuyau national parks, to improve connectivity and reduce fragmentation of orangutan habitats.
  • Promoting agroforestry on 790 hectares of community land for sustainable livelihood.
  • Advocating for no further degradation or conversion of orangutan habitat.

Co-management of Orangutan Habitat

in Ulu Sungai Menyang, Batang Ai

The Ulu Sungai Menyang Special Conservation Area, totalling 14,000 hectares, is home to about 120 orangutans. In collaboration with Forest Department Sarawak, an agroforestry community farming project to plant native tree species was introduced in 2017. This project aims to provide livelihood and at the same time, conserve orangutan habitat. Planted only on degraded and fallow agricultural land, the trees form a buffer belt between the communities’ settlements and the core forested habitat for orangutans.

Rehabilitation of HCV in Lemanak, Lubok Antu

Degraded High Conservation Value (HCV) areas are rehabilitated to reconnect them to nearby forested lands, which in turn creates a more sustainable production landscape. In collaboration with Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority and community landowners, a pilot area in Lemanak undergo a HCV rehabilitation project over 20 hectares of sites since 2022.

Community-conserved Jagoi Heritage Forest

Jagoi Heritage Forest in Bau is a community-conserved area, co-managed by the communities living in the vicinity. It is one of the earlier sites to have applied for the International Union for Conservation of Nature Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas. As part of the continuous efforts to restore the area, 1.8 hectares of degraded and landslide areas were restored by planting native tree species. The journey towards Green Listing is ongoing.