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Sarawak Conservation Programme
© Mazidi Abd Ghani / WWF-Malaysia

The Sarawak Conservation Programme (SCP) focuses on the conservation of forests, wildlife and freshwater ecosystems in three priority areas.

Ulu Ai-Sedilu Orangutan Landscape

Conserving orangutans and their natural habitats, with support from all stakeholders. A healthy ecosystem not only ensures the long-term survival of orangutans but also brings benefits to people who depend on ecosystem services. This will lead to the resilience of both nature and people.


Rajang Basin Freshwater Protection Landscape

Sound management of the river basin through an integrated watershed management approach to conserve important areas as habitats for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, and for the provision of water. The area is advocated to adopt a green economy approach leading to a climate-smart watershed.


Together, we can make a difference.


Northern Sarawak Connectivity Landscape

Connecting large tracts of protected areas, the area depends on collective conservation efforts. Community platforms and good governance are established and enhanced to sustainably manage a multiple-use landscape, including community-conserved areas. These are the cornerstone of benefits for both communities and wildlife.


Our approach

SCP adopts a multi-partnership approach and empowers communities to sustainably co-manage and use natural resources. Through the programme, WWF-Malaysia advocates for good policies and decision-making processes that support conservation and sustainable development through active participation, consultation and technical inputs.

Conservation aims

  • Increase the number of protected areas.
  • Reduce forest conversion and degradation.
  • Improve management of watersheds and protect life in rivers.
  • Reduce hunting and poaching of threatened species.

Where we work

WWF-Malaysia (Kuching Office)

7th Floor, Bangunan Binamas,

Lot 138, Section 54, Jalan Padungan,

93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.


Tel: +6082-247 420

Fax: +6082-241 531

What we do

Please refer to the map to learn more about what we do and where we work in Sarawak.

Contact us for more information:

Zora Chan | Communications Manager


Ezen Chan | Communications Officer


Nur Akifah Jazman | Communications Officer


SCP’s goals are aligned with the Sarawak government's conservation aspirations to protect biodiversity, ecosystems and their services, and to increase the resilience of people and nature towards climate impacts.