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Since we were established in 1972, WWF-Malaysia has been actively involved in policy and advocacy work. We have adopted various approaches and effective partnerships to promote policies, plans, programmes, and legislation that integrate environmental concerns for sustainable development. This includes engaging with various government ministries and departments at the federal, state, and local levels to influence decision makers to mainstream environmental and conservation considerations in development planning.

Advocating for change

Putting appropriate, effective, and timely policies in place are crucial to ensure that environmental conservation is carried out effectively. How do we get politicians to understand and use effective policies for the environment? We do this by engaging in selective strategic policy interventions on national policy and legal issues to help leverage for bigger and long-term change.


Planning to avoid conflict in land-use

Did you know that what happens hundreds and even thousands of kilometres away from us can affect the quality of our tap water? Effluents from agricultural run-off, plantations or factories, logging upstream, rubbish and untreated sullage all pollute our rivers and affect our water quality, fish and other aquatic life. In recent times, prolonged water cuts due to river pollution affected millions of consumers in the Klang Valley.



WWF's social policies guide the integration of social dimensions in our conservation work as well as in the institutional structure of our global network.