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Many companies rely on natural resources and their activities can have a significant impact on the environment. However, they also have a crucial role to play in supporting conservation efforts and being part of the solution.

Changes in corporate practice are essential if there is to be real progress in tackling conservation challenges like climate change, clean energy solutions and ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources. In today’s increasingly competitive world, consumers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders are demanding that companies demonstrate sound environmental practices and corporate responsibility. Learn more about how your business can benefit from collaborating with WWF-Malaysia



By engaging in innovative and challenging partnership with the private sector, WWF works with companies to; 

  • help them change the way they do business
  • reduce their environmental footprint 
  • and encourage change and innovative solutions 

Business partners support WWF-Malaysia through investments in specific conservation projects. Long term financial support offers security and continuity for projects that help conserve endangered species and our natural resources, as well as educate future leaders and boost the livelihoods of local communities.


Companies with a proven track record of corporate environmental responsibility and whose products are manufactured using environmentally friendly practices and materials may embark on consumer facing campaigns that enable their customers to show their support and contribute actively to conservation efforts.


WWF-Malaysia offers educational employee engagement programmes to an organisation’s staff members to get hands-on experience at our field sites. This enables them to understand that sustainable development can go hand-in-hand with environmental conservation efforts and inspires them to embrace greater environmental citizenship.



Businesses play a key role in protecting our common resources and shared heritage in order to thrive. By making an online donation to WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts, your company can help support the conservation of endangered species and our natural resources, as well as educate future leaders and boost the livelihoods of local communities. Your company will receive a tax deductible receipt for your online donation.


With WWF's commitment to being transparent about all our partnerships in the network, WWF-Malaysia has published a local Corporate Partnership report to give a snapshot of the largest partnerships that WWF-Malaysia has with corporations. Funds obtained through corporate partnerships are typically used by WWF-Malaysia to support our national conservation projects and raise public awareness of key conservation challenges.

Corporate Partnerships Reports