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Planting Trees to Restore Jagoi Heritage Forest

KUCHING: Peterson & Control Union held a corporate social responsibility (CSR) special project in connection with their 100th anniversary celebration this year. 

The organisation funded a project called “Retaining Forest and Culture in Jagoi Heritage Forest, Sarawak” in collaboration with Jagoi Area Development Committee (JADC) and WWF-Malaysia. The project runs for six-months. 

In this project, 1.8 hectares of degraded and landslide areas in Jagoi Heritage Forest will be restored through the planting of 1000 native tree species such as meranti (Shorea spp.), kapur (Dryobalanops beccarii), gaharu (Aquilaria beccariana), belian (Eusideroxylon zwageri), selangan batu pinang (Shorea havilandidi) and other local tree species. The seedlings were contributed by the Forest Department of Sarawak as their support for forest landscape restoration efforts in Sarawak. 

The project kicked off on 12 December 2020 and was attended by representatives from JADC and WWF-Malaysia. Also present were Mr James Lopaz Luhum, Sarawak Representative for Peterson and Control Union, Mr Jack Liam, Deputy Director of Forest Department Sarawak, Mr Andrew Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Sarawak Oil Palm Plantation Owners Association and Mr Eddy Nayoi, State Administrative Officer of Bau District Office. 

“Peterson & Control Union has 100 years long-history and leading experiences in the field of logistics, quality, certifications and risk management, we uphold to our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people, society and environment. Malaysia plays a very important role in our global operations being one of our earliest offices in Asia.  And no better way to kick off our centennial celebrations by giving something back. We are very delighted to fund and partner WWF-Malaysia and Jagoi Area Development Committee (JADC) for this project”, said General Manager of Control Union, Supun Nigamuni. 

He pointed out that it is crucial for Peterson & Control Union to put continuous efforts in balancing the 3Ps (People, Planet, Profit) of sustainability despite the downturn during current pandemic. Control Union, being   global leader in sustainability assurance, is accredited and authorized to conduct and issue certifications across many industries including agriculture, forestry (FSC, PEFC), sustainability (RSPO, MSPO), recycling and biofuels and biomass (GGL, ISCC). In addition to certification services Peterson and Control Union also excels in Commodity and Industrial Inspections, Training, Projects and Solutions with the office network covering both East and West Malaysia.

Chairman of JADC, Professor Dr Gabriel Tonga Noweg mentioned that Jagoi Heritage Forest or locally known as Bung Jagoi is a heritage site for the Bidayuh of Jagoi in Bau District. Locals that enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking recognize Bung Jagoi as a popular hiking spot. Some hikers who happened to be there, also got their hands soiled and joined in the tree planting activity.

“Being one of the five sites in Malaysia that applied for the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Green List of Protected and Conserved areas, we hope to demonstrate the efforts of the Bung Jagoi community as stewards of the forests in Sarawak. Successful listing would be a great recognition of these efforts,” he added.  

He also mentioned that JADC is currently in the process of developing a long-term management plan for Jagoi Heritage Forest. Some of their proposed plans include conducting various studies on forest health, potential tourism spots, evaluating existing resources and the supply capacity for non timber products such as rattan.

“Bung Jagoi Forest does not only provide for the needs of the local community, but is now a popular spot for the public as well. It is through the efforts of the people here that the public can have such beautiful forests for their enjoyment. Over time, some areas have become degraded and this project aims to improve and restore forest cover,” said Dr Jason Hon, Head of Sarawak Conservation Programme.

“We are thankful to our supporters but most of all, the Bung Jagoi community are the local champions in conserving the Jagoi Heritage Forest. Together, let's continue to make positive impacts to both the environment and the people,” he added.

A community member, Mr Juis Migan preparing the soils for planting. Photo © Ezen Chan / WWF-Malaysia

Mr James Lopaz, auditor from Peterson and Control Union planting a tree at Bung Jagoi. Photo © Ezen Chan / WWF-Malaysia

Professor Dr Gabriel Tonga Noweg, chairman from JADC (left) and Ms Belinda Lip, Sarawak programme leader (right) from WWF-Malaysia planting a tree at Bung Jagoi. Photo © Ailyn Nau Sidu / WWF-Malaysia

An eager hiker stopped by to do her part for nature, by planting a tree along the trail. Photo © Ezen Chan / WWF-Malaysia

Participants taking a commemorative photo with the tree they have planted. From left: Dr Jason Hon, Mr Jim Wisco, Mr Andrew Cheng, Mr James Lopaz, Mr Juis Migan, Mr Jack Liam. Photo © Ezen Chan / WWF-Malaysia

Mr Jack Liam from Forest Department Sarawak (right) and Mr James Lopaz from Peterson & Control Union (middle) posing with the tree they planted.  Photo © Ezen Chan / WWF-Malaysia

Participants planting trees at the slope. Photo © Ailyn Nau Sidu / WWF-Malaysia


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