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Northern Sarawak Connectivity Landscape
© Mazidi Abd Ghani / WWF-Malaysia

System of Rice Intensification Farming

in Ba’ Kelalan

Ba’ Kelalan sits about 900 metres above sea level in northern Sarawak, whereby the communities are mainly paddy farmers. Since 2017, WWF-Malaysia has been helping farmers adopt the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) farming method that is chemical-free and uses water optimally. Through SRI, farmers have been getting higher yields than before. Therefore, the project indirectly reduces pressure to open up more land for farming and the forest catchment that supplies water has remained intact. 

Riverbank Restoration in Long Semadoh

In Long Semadoh, WWF-Malaysia works with the communities in restoring degraded riverbanks of the upper Trusan River. Together with the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, science-based and sustainable solutions using soft engineering approaches were introduced in 2019. The objective is to restore degraded riverbanks that eventually promote the regrowth of natural vegetation, and this, in turn, protects the communities' farmlands.

Sustainable Forest Management

in the Kuba’an-Puak Corridor

This corridor project is part of our ongoing work on sustainable forest management and community empowerment. Since 2015, we have been working closely with the communities that live within and rely on the forests. Here, our  work involves:

  • Capacity building and empowering communities in decision-making processes on sustainable forest management.
  • Improving well-being and promoting healthy living conditions such as basic sanitation, waste disposal, and personal hygiene.
  • Developing and marketing communities products such as handicrafts for income generation.
  • Developing subsistence farming, sustainable fishing such as tagang system.