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Earth Hour 2022: a Moment of Solidarity for People and the Planet

Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, returns with a message of solidarity for both people and planet

● Over 190 countries and territories are expected to use this annual event to reflect upon the one home we all share, with landmarks including the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, Sydney Opera House, Brandenburg Gate, Christ the Redeemer, Gateway of India and Empire State Building all planning to take part in the signature ‘switch off’ moment

● Earth Hour 2022 takes place on Saturday 26 March at 8:30 p.m. 

24 March 2022, Kuala Lumpur – Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, is set to unite millions of people around the world to show solidarity for both people and the planet. Taking place at a particularly crucial moment in time, this year’s event invites people around the globe to unite in a moment of reflection on our relationship with each other and our collective home.

From the Sydney Opera House where Earth Hour began in 2007, through the Gateway of India, Beijing Phoenix Center in China, Brandenburg Gate in Germany, the Colosseum in Italy, Empire State Building in the USA and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil - a host of global landmarks will take part in the symbolic switch off moment, which seeks to communicate a safer, fairer and more sustainable future for everyone.

WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini said, “Earth Hour 2022 calls for the world to unite in a moment of solidarity for people and the planet. We know that alongside the many challenges we face, especially in these unprecedented times, 2022 remains to be a critical year for the planet, our shared home. This year the world will come together to agree on a Paris-style agreement for nature, and this presents a once in a decade opportunity for leaders to agree on a plan to reverse nature loss by 2030 and build a nature-positive future. 

“We also know that in order to build a future in harmony with nature we also need peace amongst people. Which is why this year’s Earth Hour offers a moment of solidarity with all peoples suffering from wars and conflicts around the world; a chance for our global community to express what matters to them, to take positive action and to call for a world where people and planet are able to thrive together.”

More than 190 countries and territories are expected to stand in solidarity for people and the planet this Saturday (26 March). Locally, WWF-Malaysia is organising an Earth Hour Virtual Run for Nature, as part of two key activities held to mark its 50th anniversary this year. All the proceeds from the Earth Hour Virtual Run for Nature - organised by JomRun in partnership with WWF-Malaysia - will go towards the organisation’s conservation efforts. Apart from the virtual run, two of Malaysia’s iconic landmarks - Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower - will be switching off their lights in conjunction with Earth Hour.

WWF-Malaysia Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Sophia Lim said, “Earth Hour was founded to unite the world in support of people and the planet. Our vision has always been to create positive environmental impacts through the power of the crowd. This year, Earth Hour is even more meaningful as it marks WWF-Malaysia’s 50 years of nature conservation efforts.”

In another development, WWF-Malaysia announced that Seberang Perai, Iskandar Malaysia, and Petaling Jaya have been selected as national finalists in the One Planet City Challenge (OPCC). This initiative began a decade ago to encourage cities to share best practices in climate mitigation and develop adaptation plans to build a sustainable and climate-safe future. Over the years, almost 600 cities from 53 countries and five continents have participated.

Committed to building an environment that enables people to thrive in balance with nature, the selected cities embarked on ambitious measures to reduce electricity consumption, promote energy-efficient buildings, upgrade open spaces to improve mobility, connectivity and accessibility - among others. The national finalists will also participate in the OPCC's We Love Cities campaign, which aims to bridge better communication between city officials and the citizens they represent on climate and sustainability issues.

"We are proud to recognise all Malaysian cities that make an effort to mitigate the impact of climate change by developing climate action plans and bringing sustainability at the forefront of the country's agenda. We encourage active participation and engagement of our citizens in supporting the cities’ plans. We are all in this together," Lim concluded.

WWF-Malaysia urges Malaysians to Pledge for Nature at wwf.org.my/earthhour in line with Malaysia's National 100 million tree planting campaign 2020-2025. Malaysians can also show their support by joining the Earth Hour Virtual Run for Nature. Meanwhile, information and updates on the OPCC’s We Love Cities campaign can be found at panda.org/opcc


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