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Welcome to Revive Arcade Festival Visitors
© Shariff Mohamad/ WWF-Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia welcomes Revive Arcade Festival visitors, thank you for checking out our booth. We sincerely thank Tala Records Asia and Persona Theory Games for generously providing us with a booth at their Revive Arcade Festival.

#DYK that the Malayan tiger is now officially listed as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which is alarming as this majestic creature, which proudly flanks our Jata Negara, is the iconic symbol of national pride for all Malaysians. To lose the tiger to extinction is akin to losing our national pride and identity.

Moreover, as an umbrella species, Malayan tigers are key to a healthy forest ecosystem, which we need for clean air, fresh water, climate change mitigation, soil stability and recreation.

Help save our Malayan tigers and protect nature, as it is vital for our survival, comfort and prosperity: Pledge, Shop, Donate, Share! Thank you for your important support.

Pledge your support to make tigers a national priority so that decisions on policy, allocation of resources, enforcement and land management favourable for tiger conservation can be made and implemented.


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Established in 1972, WWF-Malaysia is part of WWF, the international conservation organisation. Working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife, WWF-Malaysia’s efforts to conserve nature focus on six major goals - forests, oceans, wildlife, food, climate and energy, as well as freshwater – and three key drivers of environmental problems – markets, finance and governance.