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WWF-Malaysia signs MOU with Astro in Support of Forest Conservation through Astro’s RimbaKita Programme

Kuala Lumpur,  17 August 2023 – WWF-Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd (“Astro”) today, at the launch of Astro’s RimbaKita programme. The aim of the MOU is to build public awareness and support for WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts by broadcasting and making available WWF-Malaysia content on Astro’s platforms. The signing of the MOU was completed by Sophia Lim, Executive Director/ CEO from WWF-Malaysia and Euan Smith, Group Chief Executive Officer of Astro. Present at the signing were Faroze Nadar, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB), and Tracey Surin, Head of Fundraising, Activation & Communication at Taman Tugu.

“This partnership between WWF-Malaysia and Astro exemplifies our shared commitment to environmental consciousness and wildlife conservation. Our collaborative efforts will broadcast the necessary steps we are taking to protect a wide array of species, such as the endangered Malayan Tiger, the Bornean elephants, the vulnerable sea turtles, and the charismatic Orangutans. This platform will allow us to inspire more people to actively take part in the protection of our planet and its rich biodiversity.
With Astro's wide reach and influence, our efforts in preserving biodiversity can resonate with a larger audience. This partnership underlines our mutual dedication to making a positive environmental impact, with the goal of creating a world where humans live in harmony with nature," said Lim.

An influential climate advocate, Astro is committed to use its voice and content to advocate for a greener planet while increasing climate awareness among Malaysians via its multiplatform reach across TV, Radio and Digital.
Euan Smith, Group Chief Executive Officer of Astro said, “Our unique position as Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company enables us to leverage on our far-reaching platform and content to amplify the urgency of environmental consciousness, inspiring, influencing and stimulating meaningful change. Environmental protection is a universal obligation. It is incumbent upon us all to make a difference. Today’s RimbaKita campaign reinforces the importance of active participation in our shared responsibility towards a sustainable future. As we continue our drive to create purposeful content, at Astro we hope to educate and inspire our audience on the importance of addressing climate change.”
Alongside this partnership, Astro will feature a dedicated rail which will be available to all customers from 17 August to 6 September 2023. To mark its commitment, Astro has worked with renowned directors of environmental documentaries like KC Chiu from Woo Hoo Pictures for ‘The Conservationist’, Lara Ariffin from Nuvista Media Sdn Bhd for ‘Layar Liar’, TP Lim from Roots and Shoots and Myles Storey for ‘Wang Kelian’ and ‘Finding Solo’, Luqman Hakim Md Zim from Belia Prihatin for “Sampah Melata, Alam Merana” and “Bukan Nelayan Gila” and Dr. Cheryl Cheah from WWF-Malaysia for the premiere of “Bornean Elephants - A Journey Through A Living Landscape”; a story of coexistence with these gentle giants as they traverse through the Sabah landscape. These documentaries aim to highlight environmental awareness and showcase the rich biodiversity of our forests. 

As part of its RimbaKita programme, Astro is also committed to tree sponsorships with Taman Tugu and tree planting with Global Environment Centre by its employees. 
WWF-Malaysia believes that partnerships drive change, and that change requires an integrated approach. For over 50 years, partnerships have played a key role in WWF’s efforts to influence the course of conservation. As such, WWF-Malaysia encourages more entities from the private sector to work with us to conserve our forests and wildlife, in order to achieve sustainable economic development. Together, anything is possible.
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Sophia Lim, WWF-Malaysia's Executive Director/CEO, together with Euan Smith, Group Chief Executive Officer of Astro, at the MOU signing during the RimbaKita programme launch.
Photo (c) Deborah Lawrence Aduk/ WWF-Malaysia

Panel discussion with TP Lim from Roots and Shoots Malaysia, KC Chiu from WooHoo Pictures, Euan Smith, Group CEO for Astro, Dr. Cheryl Cheah from WWF-Malaysia, Lara Ariffin from Nuvista Media and Luqman Hakim from Belia Prihatin (from left to right).
Photo (c) Deborah Lawrence Aduk/ WWF-Malaysia

The "Bornean Elephants - A Journey Through A Living Landscape" documentary poster.
Poster (c) WWF-Malaysia


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