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WWF-Malaysia Eco Champions Created Pathways Toward Net Zero Emissions

5  May  2022,  Petaling  Jaya:  World  Environment  Day  is  a  worldwide  platform  to  inspire positive change for our planet. This year, themed #OnlyOneEarth, it highlights the need to reset the  balance  with  nature  through  transformative  changes  in  how  we  eat,  live,  work  and  move around - a notion that we carry for the past 50 years of conservation work in Malaysia.

WWF-Malaysia's   conservation   effort   has   evolved  from  building  awareness  to  transforming individuals  into sustainability champions.   We  work tirelessly with government agencies, businesses, communities, NGOs, and individual supporters to achieve this goal. Engaging youth is also one of our pillars to continue shaping a future where people and nature thrive together.

By preparing young people with skills, knowledge, and confidence in their abilities, we will create a  generation  of  empowered  youth  that  support  long-term  sustainable  development.  We  have organised many programmes, including the Eco Champion Awards, where we celebrate inspiring young Malaysians for their outstanding commitment to conserving the natural environment.

In the 2022 edition, five groups and one individual were given seed grants to carry out their eco projects.   Before   embarking   on   the  journey,  we  provided  upskilling  programmes  in  digital marketing,  project  management,  and  design  thinking  hosted  by  industry  experts.  While  it's essential   to  provide  our  youth  with opportunities,  they  should  also  be  equipped  with  the necessary skills to ensure their projects excel.

Passionate  about  urban  river  conservation  Syuhada,  a  Ph.D.  student  from  the  University of Malaya (UM), led a project to learn about microplastic and antibiotic pollution at Sungai Keroh, Segambut. Together with other UM researchers and Hara Makers, they analysed the river water samples,  did  river  cleaning  and  conducted  a  community  awareness  programme  as  a  holistic approach to protecting water resources.

We  also  awarded  Chia  Dane  and  Li  Lin  Lein, research assistants from Sunway University, who piloted a  study   on   university   students'   knowledge   about   food   waste  segregation and management.  The  students  were  asked  to bring their household food wastes for two weeks and were  taught  about  composting.  The  duo  successfully  concluded  the  study  with  guidance and support from many partners.

Another  Eco  Champion  Kelab  Belia  Prihatin  led  by  Luqman  Nur  Hakim,  ran  the  We  Be-Leaf Together  campaign   that   encouraged   the   B40   community   to   plant   fruit   trees   to   battle malnutrition   among  kids.   While   students   from   Sri   Bestari   Private   school   -  a  Green-Flag Eco-Schools hosted a series of exciting activities to educate their friends about climate change.

We  created  this  platform  in  2017 because we believe that young people are capable of anything they put their  minds to when supported.   Therefore,   no   matter  how  small  or  large  their contribution  to  our  environment,  they  should  be  rewarded. Our Eco Champion from Penang is the  walking  proof  of  this  statement.  Nur  Sakinah  and  her  friends  mobilised  communities  to donate  old  clothes,  plastic  items  and used cooking oil to be recycled. This initiative received an overwhelming response from residents all over Penang.

Our  final  Eco  Champion  hails  from  Klang,  Theiviya  Lakshmikandan.  Supported by three other team  members,  their work focused on combating the food crisis through exciting activities with high  school  students.  It’s  crucial  that  our  youth  engage  their  networks  and talk about pressing environmental  issues  that  will  affect  their  future. They can be a driving force to make the most effective transformation of the world into a better place for all.

A   lot   is   being  said  about  engaging  youth  to  implement  the  2030  agenda  for  Sustainable Development,  but  this  has  to  come  with  guidance  and  support.  The  avenues  we  provide  must create  opportunities  to  develop  skills, and we must recognise contributions made by our youth. WWF-Malaysia  is  proud  of  all  the  eco  champions  for  going  beyond  their  boundary  to  make  a massive  impact  on  sustainability  and well-being within their communities and beyond, after all there’s #OnlyOneEarth for us to live.

Luqman Hakim from Kelab Belia Prihatin ran a campaign that encouraged the B40 community to plant fruit trees to battle malnutrition. Photo © Farisha Zainol / WWF-Malaysia

Syuhada, led a project to learn about microplastic and antibiotic pollution at Sungai Keroh, Segambut. Photo © Farisha Zainol / WWF-Malaysia

Dane and Li Lin piloted a study on students' knowledge about food waste segregation and management in Sunway University. Photo © Dane Chia / WWF-Malaysia

Theiviya Lakshmikandan and three team members focused their work on combating the food crisis through exciting activities with high school students. Photo © Theiviya / WWF-Malaysia

Nur Sakinah and her friends mobilised communities to donate old clothes, plastic items and used cooking oil to be recycled. Photo © Farisha Zainol / WWF-Malaysia

Students from Sri Bestari Private school - a Green-Flag Eco-Schools hosted a series of exciting activities to educate their friends about climate change. Photo © Farisha Zainol / WWF-Malaysia


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