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Climate Action for Nature Campaign Supported by Epson

Photo (c) Lau Ching Fong/ WWF-Malaysia

Climate change is considered to be one of the biggest threats facing nature and humanity today. It is an undeniable, pervasive and insidious planetary crisis that affects every aspect of our lives and future. It is crucial that you and I do our part to combat this threat.

Recognising the urgency, Epson Malaysia is collaborating with WWF-Malaysia by donating to nature conservation efforts and building public awareness on climate change.

Beyond the collaboration with WWF-Malaysia, Epson are also doing their own part through their 'Turn Down the Heat' campaign which aims to mitigate climate change through energy savings.

Epson’s Turn Down the Heat Campaign

Epson is a brand which is committed to achieving a sustainable society through their products and services that supports their customers’ efforts and through collaborative action with local communities and partners.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Epson, and we are committed to not only lowering our own environmental footprint but helping our customers to do so too. We hope to make a difference in overcoming global environmental issues with our customers and business partners through our technologies." - Epson global president Yasunori Ogawa

We need to 'Turn Down The Heat'. Switch to Heat-Free Technology for low power consumption. Even making a small change can really help. If everyone on the planet makes one small change, it can have a huge positive impact. Starting one page at a time, we can change the story together.

Read more about Epson’s Turn Down the Heat initiative here 


Deforestation is responsible for 20% of the total global GHG emissions, and a significant part of our ecosystem and species loss. If emissions from deforestation are not curbed, the likelihood of success in preventing the dangerous effects of climate change is drastically reduced. Governments and the wide range of stakeholders must be effectively influenced to reduce these threats.

Effects of deforestation are multifold
- Loss of ecosystem services
- Global climate crisis
- Impacts on biodiversity
- Sediment blockages in water treatment plants that can results in water cuts!

Epson's meaningful donation will be channelled towards WWF-Malaysia's conservation work.

WWF-Malaysia's initiatives to mitigate climate change include:
- Efforts to protect our forests. Learn more here 
- An independent joint study on an optimal net zero pathway for Malaysia by 2050

Towards Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Photo (c) Chris J Ratcliff/ WWF-Malaysia

As a responsible member of the global community, Malaysia is at a turning point in its climate journey. Charting the right course of action against global warming provides our nation a vital opportunity to protect our environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and at the same time create a competitive advantage. Globally, increasing numbers of countries have committed to a Net-Zero ambition. If we are slow to act, our country runs the risk of falling behind, ultimately losing its attractiveness as a destination for international investment and multinational organisations.

WWF-Malaysia partnered with BCG to develop an independent joint study on an optimal net zero pathway for Malaysia by 2050. We believe there is untapped potential in various green opportunities that the country can capitalise on moving forward towards a green future. Click here to download the study. 

What Can You and I Do to Mitigate Climate Change?

- Adopt good water management practices to reduce water wastage by changing consumption habits
- Switch off electronic appliances when not in use
- Use less single use plastics
- Use public transport where possible
- Reduce food waste. Less waste that ends up in the landfill means less methane gas emission

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