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WWF-Malaysia Releases Its Third Faith-Based Animation Series on Christmas Day

Petaling Jaya, Selangor: In the effort to combine religion with environmental education in our country, WWF-Malaysia is releasing thirteen short animation series inspired by the teachings and values of Christianity on its official YouTube channel here

'When We're Friends (WWF) with Nature animation series explores the adventures of Moses, his friends, and communities in understanding the works of nature and their role to protect it. The characters discuss pressing environmental issues such as landslides, endangered species, global warming, human-wildlife conflict, and many more.

"Just like the previous faith-based animation series, to connect the conservation messages with religious values, we worked with experts to build the content. The series uses catchy songs and colourful animation to reach the younger generation, the future stewards of the planet. We want to educate them and show how religion promotes caring for the earth," said Sophia Lim, WWF-Malaysia Executive Director/CEO.

She added, "We hope this effort contributes to the scarcity of resource materials that connect religion and the environment. The animation series can also be a teaching and learning aid in the classroom or Sunday school. Students will be able to address environmental issues based on their understanding from the religious viewpoint".

Dr. Esther Daniel, Honorary Professor from the University of Malaya, shared her aspirations about the animation series, "I have worked with WWF-Malaysia on various environmental initiatives since 2000. We have engaged people from all walks of life throughout the years, and we want to make sure we reach out to children too, as everyone is accountable and responsible for the environment".

"For young minds to absorb the importance of conservation and for a sustainable, greener future, transformative education is essential. We hope that the animation series will be an effective tool to empower kids to view environmental conservation from a broader perspective with regards to their stewardship of the planet," said Dr. Esther Daniel.

Despite the pandemic, WWF-Malaysia continues to run various environmental activities online, engaging thousands of students, especially during the 10th anniversary of Malaysia's Eco Schools programme. We strive to build a generation of young leaders who understand that humanity's health depends on nature's well-being through the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme. ESD is recognised as a model to achieve Sustainable Development Goals because it encourages learners to make informed decisions and actions on global issues such as climate change.

We are now seeing increasing numbers of extreme weather conditions caused by climate change, resulting in loss of properties, resources, and lives. Therefore, our education should focus beyond providing essential skills and knowledge. Instead, it should encourage people to think, innovate, and propel actions for the world and humanity.


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