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As a responsible member of the global community, Malaysia is at a turning point in its climate journey. Charting the right course of action against global warming provides our nation a vital opportunity to protect our environment, reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time create a competitive advantage. Increasing numbers of countries have committed to a Net-Zero ambition. If we are slow to act, our country runs the risk of falling behind, ultimately losing its attractiveness as a destination for international investment and multinational organisations.

WWF-Malaysia is partnering with BCG to develop an independent joint study on an optimal
net zero pathway for Malaysia by 2050. We believe there is untapped potential in various green opportunities that the country can capitalise on moving forward towards a green future. Click here to download the study.

The study will: 
  • Provide an opportunity for organisations to be part of charting Malaysia’s path towards a sustainable and clean future. 
  • Develop a recommended policy framework and interventions for Malaysia across the economy; focusing on forestry, land use, agriculture and nature-based solutions where Malaysia has natural assets and competitive advantages.
  • Develop a policy framework as reference for other developing countries with a similar context.

How You Can Get Involved
We hope for wide involvement across sectors and stakeholders in Malaysia:
- Provide practical input and data to push the climate agenda
- Act as a catalyst for comprehensive climate action in the country
- Co-funding the study
- For queries, please write to contactus@wwf.org.my Thank you

Why Should You Take Action?
• Investments by companies are increasingly driven by a progressive sustainability agenda
• Net-zero emissions ambitions are now targeted by parties making up approximately 50% of global emissions.
• Climate action opens up new economic opportunities

All photos (c) Chris J Ratcliffe / WWF-UK

For more information, please download the leaflet. Thank you for your support.


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