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Join the Earth Hour Virtual Run for Nature

Earth Hour will unite millions around the world to switch off lights on Saturday, 27 March 2021, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm to show we want a healthy natural world we can all rely on. Join the Earth Hour Virtual Run for Nature in support of efforts to save our wildlife, save our forests and save ourselves. Take action to protect nature, as it is one of our greatest allies against climate change and is vital for our survival and prosperity. Registration proceeds will be channelled to WWF-Malaysia’s crucial conservation efforts. Register:
Registration closes: 11:59pm Earth Hour Day, 27 March 2021
Complete until: 15 April 2021
Upload closes: 11:59pm 15 April 2021
Categories: 10 KM
Completion: One-off / Cumulative
Available in: Malaysia
Shipping: 22 April to 6 May 2021
Entitlements and Registration Fee
Option 1: RM45 Unique Recycled Wood Finisher Medal + Customised E-certificate With Your Name
Option 2: RM30 Customised E-certificate With Your Name

What is a Virtual Run?
A virtual challenge is a race that you can complete at your own pace and time.
Virtual challenges work exactly the same as any other type of sports events (e.g. running or cycling) but the difference is that the entered race can be completed at any location, either outdoors or indoors on a machine.
All you have to do is register for a race and provide evidence that you have done it. The evidence can be a screenshot of your running/fitness app, a photo of the machine screen etc
Step 1: Register
Step 2: Run and use any app, one-time or cumulative
Step 3: Upload proof
Step 4: Get entitlements

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