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Getting a hold of your own life

Companies have a lot to say about the choices we make. Whether you like it or not, they tell you what to buy, when to buy, and even how to buy things. Sustainability encourages us to make sound decisions. If you know workers’ rights are ignored to make a popular brand you wear, stop patronising it. If you know an animal was hurt to make a trendy fashion item, you know better than to buy it.

Choosing the greenest option

Choose responsibly before you make a purchase - from items with recycled content or made from sustainably sourced resources, to energy efficient appliances, to biodegradable products - more and more companies are producing greener products for consumers.
Sustainability is very important for one simple reason – we cannot sustain our quality of life or Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems if we do not embrace it. If we do not change our ways; fossil fuels will run out, fishes will disappear from the oceans, wildlife will become extinct at an alarming rate and climate change will continue wreaking havoc on our weather systems. This is why sustainable consumption and production is important – if we consume and produce responsibly, and take only what we need, we will give our younger generations a fighting chance for a better world.

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