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SEACAR Alliance: Addressing Climate Change Challenges in Southeast Asia
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Building Climate Resilience in Cities and Communities
WWF is partnering with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Think City, to increase awareness and dialogue on the need for Adaptation & Resilience in the Southeast Asian region.
About the Partnership
Southeast Asia, a region brimming with untapped potential and economic dynamism, is at a critical juncture. While its vibrant growth trajectory presents a wealth of opportunities, the region's frontline position in the climate crisis demands urgent action.

Countries in Southeast Asia (SEA) are acutely vulnerable and unprepared to navigate the intensifying impacts of climate change. Failure to act now will result in an escalating human and socio-economic toll, far exceeding the cost of inaction.

In response to this urgent call, we have joined forces with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Think City to increase awareness and dialogue on the need for Adaptation & Resilience in the region. This partnership aims to build collaboration for climate resilience in cities and communities through nature based solutions guided by climate analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) across six key themes – Water, Agriculture, Health, Natural Ecosystems, Infrastructure and Trade.

WWF is committed to working with nature - making nature as an ally. We recognise that Southeast Asia is uniquely positioned to harness the power of nature in its climate resilience journey. The region is disproportionately rich in natural assets, home to 31% of the world's mangrove and seagrass beds, 50% of tropical peatlands, and other vital ecosystems.

Nature based solutions, offer multiple benefits beyond Adaptation & Resilience, including mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and livelihood creation. Embracing nature based solutions presents a sound socio-economic choice. While quantifying their benefits can be complex, these approaches can be significantly cheaper, efficient and effective than traditional grey infrastructure.
Harnessing the power of nature for Cities and Communities
The SEACAR Alliance's Report highlights the crucial role of collaboration, nature, and AI in successfully implementing adaptation and resilience initiatives across Southeast Asia.

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Watch the Launch Event at COP28, which took place on 6 December 2023

The launch event provided an in-depth exploration of these interconnected elements and their transformative potential in addressing the region's climate challenges.

Watch a recording of the launch event here