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Oral Literature in the Heart of Borneo Comes to Life!

Book cover photo (c) Zora Chan/ WWF-Malaysia

Do we have tigers in Borneo? Who is the most powerful, handsome and strongest mystical warrior to the Iban community? Why do communities have taboos on  wildlife? The indigenous communities in the Heart of Borneo may be able to tell you more!

Whispers from the Past: Tales of Legend and Lore from Middle Borneo is a collection of stories from the indigenous peoples in the Sri Aman and Kapit divisions, Sarawak and Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan. These stories feature the people's relationship, dependence and respect for nature, age-old customs and social interactions, all of which have been passed down orally through the generations. 

WWF worked with the communities under the transboundary project, Green Economy in the Heart of Borneo between 2016 and 2018, and discovered the richness  of their oral histories, many of them related to or derived from nature. With their consents, WWF  documented these folklores for future posterity before they become lost in time.

The book is written in lay person’s terms and is easy to read for people of all ages. Download the book for free below.

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Whispers from the Past Tales of Legend and Lore from Middle Borneo_10 Nov 2021

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