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© Eric Madeja/ WWF-Malaysia

1. Who is WWF-Malaysia's Telefundraising team?

Omniraise Malaysia is an authorised service provider for WWF-Malaysia and represents us as one of our Telefundraising team.

  1. Kavitha Mano Karen
  2. Kohgilaan Raj Ganesan
  3. Logeswary A/P Gunalan
  4. Muhammad Nur Uddin Bin Abdullah
  5. Norazharee Shah Bin Azman
  6. Norfarhanis Binti Samsudin
  7. Nurul Fatihah Binti Abdul Satar
  8. Piryatharshini A/P Thamilarason
  9. Prishma A/P Kumaran 
  10. Sarvashwaran A/L Anbualagan
  11. Yoshini A/P K. Sutheish

2. Why does WWF-Malaysia use fundraising agencies to fundraise?

As much as we would like to use only our own staff, we are unable to bear the extensive cost of setting up a team large enough to accommodate and run this programme. By partnering with fundraising agencies,  WWF-Malaysia does not only save costs but also allows us to channel more of your valuable donations directly to our conservation programmes.


3. What is Omniraise Malaysia’s responsibility?

Omniraise Malaysia is responsible for fundraising through phone (see question 4)  and email (my.teleteam@wwf.org.my).


4. How do I know the authenticity of the representative?

Our representatives will use this email address my.teleteam@wwf.org.my when replying to your online enquiry and these telephone numbers to call you.

  1. 60350300137
  2. 60348102625
  3. 60386823056
  4. 60348100419
  5. 60350300547
  6. 60348100469
  7. 60350300596
  8. 60350300193
  9. 60348102677
  10. 60348102676
  11. 60350300595
  12. 60348100465
  13. 60350300599
  14. 60350300135
  15. 60386823005
  16. 60350300545

You can also contact the WWF-Malaysia team directly via email at kawan@wwf.org.my or call our hotline 1-300-88-99369 for further verification by providing us with the full name and phone number of the representative you wish to verify.