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Supportworks is a brand of Salesworks Sdn. Bhd and is an authorised fundraising agency for WWF-Malaysia.


These are our fundraisers:

  1. Ng Phooi Guan 
  2. Padmanathan A/L Ponnusamy 
  3. Siti Nawal Binti Azmi 
  4. Nora Kamarudin 
  5. Mohamad Nazuri Bin Suria 
  6. Siti Aminah Sahmat 
  7. Philip Ignatius Pinto
  8. Meera Muniandy 
  9. Muhammad Aznawi Aznawi Afiq 
  10. Muhammad Shahrul Nizam Bin Abdul Latiff 
  11. Nurul Nadia Binti Surdin 
  12. Nurul Syahira Binti Karim 
  13. Samuel Munusamy 
  14. Nur Adila Kamarul Bahrin 
  15. Muhamad Shamsul Akma Mazlan 
  16. Azimmattil Nurr Binti Ishak 
  17. Muhammad Ezmir Bin Surdin 
  18. Shanmugam A/L Veeramohan 
  19. Herma Elaika Binti Khusaini 
  20. Mohd Saiful Aidil Mohd Farid Majdi 
  21. Abdul Salam Ibrahim 
  22. Muhammad Muzakkir Mohd Yusri 
  23. Joshua Varma 
  24. Muhamad Khirul Nizam Ahmad Alimi 
  25. M Syahmi Amizi M Suhaimi 
  26. Ahmad Maher Khusaini 
  27. Aswintguru Sivaguru 
  28. Tan Yi Wen 
  29. Nur Muhammad Abdul Aziz 
  30. Muhamad Subha Husin 
  31. Mohamad Fakhri Amin Amin Yahya 
  32. Ruksana Binti Nazeem Khan
  33. Kamesh S Soma Sundaram
  34. Azfar Anuar
  35. Muhamad Nur Iman Mohd Saad
  36. Asyraf Zikry Zuhaimi 
  37. Yong Han Chee 
  38. Eusoff Mowe Adam Rasheed 
  39. Christopher Ryan Eu Yi Sian
Face-to-Face Fundraising Programme – Supportworks

What is the face-to-face fundraising programme about?

This programme is specially constructed for members of the public who are interested in donating and supporting WWF-Malaysia’s nature conservation work on a monthly, 4-monthly or yearly basis. Conservation needs to be long term to be effective. As a non-profit organisation that does not obtain any fixed grants, WWF-Malaysia rely on regular donations in order to protect Malaysia’s endangered species and spaces.

2.Which parties are involved in this programme?

There are 3 parties: WWF-Malaysia, Supportworks, a brand of Salesworks Sdn. Bhd. and SG Support Services Sdn Bhd.

We have engaged Salesworks Sdn Bhd who promotes this programme by sending small teams of trained fundraisers to promote this face-to-face fundraising programme at popular venues in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and other states. 

SG Support Services Sdn Bhd helps us to manage this programme's administrative work.

3. Why does WWF use an agency for face-to-face fundraising?

As much as we would like to use only our own staffs, we are unable to bear the extensive cost of setting up a team large enough to accommodate and run this programme. By partnering with fundraising agencies like Salesworks Sdn. Bhd., WWF-Malaysia does not only save costs but also allow us to channel more of your valuable donations directly to our conservation programmes.

4.Why doesn’t WWF use volunteers?

Face-to-face fundraising is a regular, professional job that requires long-term commitment, hard work and specific skills. All WWF representatives undergo intensive training by WWF and Salesworks before they begin work. While we sincerely acknowledge our volunteers for playing a valuable role in certain fundraising activities, their commitments outside WWF is beyond our control thus making them not ideal for this particular type of programme.

5.Does Salesworks get a commission from my donation?

No, Salesworks does not. Salesworks receives a single, one time fixed fee from WWF’s pre-allocated fundraising budget. Your donations are received directly by WWF-Malaysia.

6.What happens to the funds raised?

The funds raised are used by WWF to carry out scientific fieldwork, environmental education, policy work with the government and community programmes that aid nature conservation.

7.How do I know the authenticity of the representative?

All our representatives are required to carry their ID badge and you can also contact the WWF-Malaysia team directly via email at kawan@wwf.org.my or call our hotline 1-300-88-99369 for further verification by providing us with the full name and phone number of the representative you wish to verify.

8.I have some feedback regarding a WWF representative. What should I do?

We are always striving to improve so we would really appreciate it if you could contact us directly (WWF contact details as below) with your feedback regarding our representatives.  To enable us to better attend to your feedback, please also provide us with the following information where possible:
a. Name of representative
b. Date and location of encounter with our representative

9.How do I cancel / stop my monthly, 4-monthly or yearly donation to WWF?

Every ringgit is crucial to carry out our conservation work and we hope we continue to merit your kind support. However, should you ever need to discontinue your donation, all you have to do is provide us with a 30-day written notice before your next deduction date. If you are unable to carry on with your financial support to WWF, please contact us so that we may advise you further on how you could continue to help us in our quest to conserve.