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In September 2019, CIMB Islamic Bank allocated RM1 million, generated from 0.2% of the EcoSave Savings Account-i total average portfolio balance towards efforts to strengthen the protection and management of Setiu Wetlands, Terengganu, jointly with relevant key agencies. The three-year endeavour also aims to educate and build the capacity of local communities to support, participate and drive conservation efforts that can contribute supplemental livelihood to the communities.
To date, we have carried out various initiatives and collaborations for scientific studies, outreach and capacity-building activities for the local communities. More recently, the fund made possible the establishment of Kontena Tuntung, a one-stop centre comprising a hatchery and galleryfocusing on the protection and conservation efforts of painted terrapins and Setiu Wetlands, for the use of the local community and the general public.



In August 2022, CIMB Islamic Bank contributed RM443,900 for a three-year botanical inventory project which aims to inventorise the botanical treasures of the Fraser’s Hill Forest Complex by emphasizing its floral diversity, endemism and conservation status. It will also provide assessments and recommendations for conserving the various species, as well as their habitats. Apart from this, this project intends to bring greater awareness to the general public on the importance of plants and its diversity to human well-being.
Previously, CIMB Islamic Bank supported our project which conducted a biodiversity assessment using camera traps, aimed at assessing the forest complex’s species diversity, richness and movement patterns. Both projects would provide a strong scientific justification for the protection of the forest complex as a State Park.



Our work on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) with farmers in Ba' Kelalan, Sarawak, provides a win-win situation as it increases paddy yield without opening more forests for rice cultivation and brings income to farmers.

The rice produced is also chemical-free, which helps keep the rivers clean, and reduces negative impact on the environment. Funding from CIMB Islamic Bank has enabled farmers to learn and implement SRI farming methods with experts’ help and modern techniques that do not compromise the environment.

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Our partnership with CIMB Islamic Bank for the conservation of Ulu Muda Forest Complex began in 2017. Several outputs have been produced since then that have strengthened the project's outcomes. Through the partnership, WWF-Malaysia was able to produce more than six reports useful for various stakeholders, which helped position us as an important and sought-after conservation partner.

Furthermore, four key events were held which collectively engaged over 1,000 participants. The project’s strategic intervention based on conservation knowledge led to the expansion of ecological corridors. To increase the project’s outreach, high-quality awareness materials (microsite, audio-visuals, pamphlets, booklets, and coffee table books) have been produced to create a vision for how the landscape will be viewed.

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