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Wildlife Through the Lens of Camera Traps

Download your free copy of the book in the attachment. © Zora Chan / WWF-Malaysia
Imagine stepping into a world where ancient forests echo with the calls of secretive orangutans, where stealthy clouded leopards prowl beneath a canopy, and above that, a world alive with the flutter of rhinoceros hornbills’ wings. This is Sarawak, a jewel in Borneo's crown.

Amidst this splendour lies a mysterious tapestry of untold stories about its wildlife. We unveil "Caught On Camera! WWF-Malaysia’s Camera Trap Photos in Sarawak," and invite you to partake in the candid moments of these creatures.

Each image is taken from humble camera traps. They are more than photos. They are windows into a realm where every gesture tells a tale, and every corner holds a promise of discovery. Through this lens, we hope to ignite a spark within you—a newfound appreciation that blossoms into conservation action.

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Wildlife Through the Lens of Camera Traps

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