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Hydrological Modelling Study for the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve

The Ulu Muda Forest Complex is rich in biodiversity and crucial for economic growth since it is a primary water catchment for three northern Malaysian states - Kedah, Penang, and Perlis. It has also enabled annual double cropping of paddy in Kedah since the late 1960s via the Muda Irrigation Scheme, contributing to 40% of the nation’s rice production.

However, due to competing economic needs, incompatible land uses can affect the quantity and quality of water in the reservoirs. Furthermore, climate change is worsening the region's wet and dry cycles, causing dire consequences for all sectors in the region.

This study examined how land-use changes might affect water resources and the forest itself, apart from providing recommendations on how to manage the protection of the forest and its critical ecosystem service of water provisioning. Download the full report below to learn more.

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