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MY Responsible Forestry Newsletter

Photo (c) Mazidi Abd Ghani/ WWF-Malaysia

To provide more valuable news and information related to responsible forestry to industry players and interested parties, the Responsible Forestry Programme of WWF-Malaysia has developed the quarterly MY Responsible Forestry Newsletter. We hope that the newsletter will spark more ideas for collaboration so that we can help transform our timber, paper and natural rubber industries, and expand sustainable markets in these commodities.

Through the newsletter, we will publish articles on:
·        Success stories of responsible forestry in Malaysia
·        Technology and solutions related to sustainable forestry supply chains
·        Important and relevant forestry data in Malaysia
·        Highlights of our activities in responsible forestry
·        Practices/tools for improving sustainability in forestry supply chains

MY Responsible Forestry Newsletter Inaugural October 2021 Issue - Click here to view 

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