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WWF-Malaysia’s Conservation Partnership Scheme 2017

Posted on 22 June 2017
Mangrove planting activity with volunteers.
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"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not." - Pablo Picasso
Are you driven by a purpose to turn creative ideas into innovative solutions for the planet? If you’re asking the same questions as Picasso, then apply for WWF-Malaysia’s Conservation Partnership Scheme!


Can RM15,000 really make an impact in conservation? Kudat Turtle Conservation Society’s (KTCS) success is a testimony to how innovation fuelled by purpose and perseverance can create a difference.

KTCS was a WWF-Malaysia Conservation Partnership Scheme (CPS) grant recipient from December 2015 to June 2016. “Their Future is in Our Hands” is not merely a tagline for saving turtles, but reflects everything KTCS believes in.

The society looked beyond just saving turtles, and created avenues to reach out to one of their most important stakeholders – the community.

With the CPS grant, KTCS constructed a turtle education centre in Kudat to aid greater awareness and outreach efforts. Recognizing the crucial role of community in conservation work, the society also started various capacity building exercises such as community English classes, swimming competency, data entry classes and water quality testing. Community involvement also included interesting engagement activities such as a beach adoption programme, mangrove tree planting, coral frame making and others. Almost RM3,000 in income was channelled towards future conservation work through these activities.

KTCS also generated alternative livelihood with RM12,000 in profit from snorkelling equipment rental, as well as monthly membership fees at RM300 for other educational activities.

Their innovation and ability to think outside of the box allowed for KTCS to maximize and diversify the RM15,000 granted to them to kick start their conservation efforts.


What would you do if you had RM15,000 to make this world a better place?

WWF-Malaysia’s Conservation Partnership Scheme empowers societies, organizations and communities to make a lasting and purposeful difference for conservation work in Malaysia. We believe that innovation and creativity driven by purpose can make amazing things happen.

A maximum of RM15,000 is granted for each successful project, allowing for partners to jumpstart their environmental / social causes that complement WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.  

Over the past three years, 13 community-based organizations (CBOs) were granted a total of RM194,365 to support and aid their work in habitat restoration, alternative livelihood, education and awareness, and capacity building efforts.

The Conservation Partnership Scheme for FY18 is now OPEN for application! Download the guidelines and don’t miss out on your chance to make a difference for the planet.

Send in your application to my.pdm@wwf.org.my before 31st July 2017.

We look forward to partnering with you!
Mangrove planting activity with volunteers.
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A Turtle Education Centre was built with fund received from the Conservation Partnership Scheme to conduct various educational activities with the communities.
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Beach cleaning with the local Bavang Jamal communities and students from Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
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