Earth Hour 2013 Pledge Drive in UNMC | WWF Malaysia

Earth Hour 2013 Pledge Drive in UNMC

Posted on 08 July 2013
Convincing pedestrians to switch off their lights and sacrifice the luxury of technology and a modern lifestyle even for only one hour in a day is a very challenging job.

“I really can’t do it”- some passer-bys said while putting their hand up in a gesture of rejection while others commented that they are in hurry and are not free for this. For an inexperienced student like me, approaching people was initially very demoralizing to my dignity. But later on, I realized I am the “good apple” that is trying to bring out the good side of those around me so that they, too, will care about our earth and will be ready to act upon it, even if just switching off the lights for an hour.

With a great team consisting of AIESEC and the Nature Club, we started collecting Live Green pledges and surveys in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. With great spirits from our team and a wonderful audience, we were able to collect more than 1050 signed pledges by students and staff of all ages and qualifications, ranging in race and religion. Despite our differences we all agreed that earth is our common ground and we all should work together to take good care of it.

WWF-Malaysia and the author would like to thank the following individuals who have offered help and contributed to the pledge drive:
1. Jonathan Tan Jia Yong
2. Jo-Nyee Loh
3. Mohammed Ayman
4. May Teng
5. Jayson Jun-Kuen Chia
6. Tan Chee Ying
7. Siew Soon Yew
8. Tan Kar Hau
9. Hong Boon Hooi
10. Goh Wey Jhian
11. Tan Yan Ling
12. Yong Herng En
13. Ng Lik Yi
14. Lee Chee Wei
15. Ong Wuey Chern
16. Chen Siang Hui
17. Noor Adilah Binti Yusof
18. Jasmin Irisha Binti Jim Ilham
19. Oi Yen Tse
20. Neoh Kit Chung
21. Mabel Lim Tze Jia
22. Mohammed AbdulRazic