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WWF’s Song ‘Senyum Penyu, Senyum Kita’ Celebrates Malaysia’s Turtle Heritage

Posted on 23 May 2013
Singer Asmidar in the studio for the recording of 'Senyum Penyu, Senyum Kita'
© WWF-Malaysia/Lau Ching Fong
23 May 2013, Petaling Jaya, Selangor - In conjunction with World Turtle Day today, WWF-Malaysia released its turtle song entitled ‘Senyum Penyu, Senyum Kita’ in honour of the world’s ancient creature and one of Malaysia’s iconic species. Click here for the song.

The upbeat composition celebrating the magnificent mariners was produced by multi-artist and musician, Kamrul Hussin @ Waklong and composed and arranged by Ijan Perkusi with lyrics penned by Arina Amin. Warner Music Malaysia’s singer-songwriter, Asmidar, lends her trademark silky vocals to the song that aims to get everyone to groove while taking a stand for turtles.

To bring the message of turtle conservation closer to home, the song features traditional musical instruments from each of WWF-Malaysia’s turtle project sites including the Rodat (Terengganu) and Kulintangan (Sabah) with its rap section influenced by Dondang Sayang (Melaka) rhythms.

Taking listeners along on a turtle’s journey, it is hoped that the song will induce sing-alongs which will, in turn, encourage not only the local communities, but also the Malaysian public to take pride in valuing and protecting these endangered creatures.

Malaysia is home to four out of the seven marine turtles in the world, and their status ranges from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Over the last 20 years, there has been a 99% decline of Leatherbacks, 95% decline of Olive Ridleys and more than 60% decline in the population of Green Turtles.

There are only two remaining nesting population of hawksbills of significant size in Malaysia; in the Sabah Turtle Islands and Melaka, with approximately 400-600 nestings annually in each state. Hawksbill populations in Terengganu, Johor and other states have declined by more than 60%, and currently remnant numbers remain.

Happy World Turtle Day, everyone!

*Like what you heard? Check out the artists featured in this Turtle-tastic song:
Kamrul Hussin: http://www.kamrulhussin.com
Asmidar: https://www.facebook.com/asmidar.10?fref=ts

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Singer Asmidar in the studio for the recording of 'Senyum Penyu, Senyum Kita'
© WWF-Malaysia/Lau Ching Fong Enlarge
WWF-Malaysia staff and composer Kamrul, discussing the lyrics for the turtle song, 'Senyum Penyu, Senyum Kita'.
© WWF-Malaysia/Lau Ching Fong Enlarge
Multi-instrumentalist Kamrul Hussin featured a variety of traditional musical instruments in the song such as the gamelan.
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