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Fraser’s Hill Ecosystems Race 2013

Posted on 15 April 2013
The team that made it all happened
© Cheng Yew Weng
23 March 2013, Raub: Instead of a typical training programme of “one person speaks and many listen” concept, we decided to try something a little more exciting and tied it up with Earth Hour’s annual event. Our aim was to create awareness on the importance of ecosystems and the services they provide that support our daily lives. With this in mind, the Fraser’s Hill Ecosystems Race 2013 was conceived.

Various facts and visuals in the form of buntings were put up around Fraser’s Hill and participants were required to read and understand the text to answer 22 (twenty-two) questions given to them. We figured that to answer the questions correctly, one has to understand what they read and by doing so, awareness is created and information that is captured stays with them. Furthermore, to promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, all the buntings were located along the main roads in Fraser’s Hill and participants were only allowed to walk or cycle to each bunting to locate the information.

The Race was held on 23 March 2013 in conjunction with Earth Hour and the target participants were the local community, local school children and the general public. Publicity in the form of an update page was created at our WWF-MY webpage, invitation letters given to the three schools, hotels and resorts in Fraser’s Hill and flyers were distributed to the local community a week prior to the race.

Registration of the race began at 2 pm with the race commencing at 3 pm. A total of 14 registrations were received and most of the registrations involved groups of family between two to six people.
Despite the low participation of the local community, the race went on smoothly with all participants expressing that they have learned a lot during the short time and thoroughly enjoyed walking around and seeking answers to the questions. Prizes such as canvas bags and water bottles were given out during Earth Hour later that night.

A brief analysis of the answer sheets submitted by the participants showed that 28% of the participants managed to score more than 70% of the questions correct; 50% of the participants scored more than 57% and 22% of the participants scored more than 42% of the questions correct. This indicates that the participants understood the facts and the questions pretty well.

A similar race may be held again in the coming months in order to get more of the local community involved.



Fraser’s Hill joined Earth Hour 2013 for the second time this year, jointly organised by WWF-Malaysia and Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation (FHDC). Despite several setbacks faced by the organisers, the event went on smoothly and most importantly the message on sustainability and going beyond the one hour was clearly passed on to more than 200 audiences who attended the event.

The first setback encountered by the organisers was that the General Manager of FHDC, Tuan Haji Hanafiah and all senior staff of FHDC had to be in Kuantan with the Prime Minister and there was no VIP to officiate the event. The Master of Ceremony (MC) did not turn up for the event as well. Due to these last minute changes, WWF-My staff had to stand in as the MC, announcing that the night’s event will be very different that is without any VIPs. After the countdown, when Fraser’s Hill town center was in darkness, the MC led the audience through a symbolic walk with glow sticks through the town center. After the walk, they were treated to a singing and guitar performance by four of Fraser’s Hill youth. Later before the lights went on at 9.30 pm, the audiences were invited on stage to a line/aerobic dance. Overall, we had a great turnout and the audience of both locals and foreigners joined in together sportingly in the programme which made the event a great success in the end.

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The team that made it all happened
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Fraser’s Hill town center by day
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Fraser’s Hill town center during Earth Hour
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Champion of the Ecosystems Race
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Winners of the Ecosystems Race
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EH celebration
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