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© National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF

In 2018, Nepal made history by successfully doubling its tiger numbers. The establishment of a National Tiger Conservation Committee and Wildlife Crime Control Coordination Committee in this country played a significant role in this, as well as in achieving 365 days of zero poaching for rhinos, elephants and tigers between 2013 and 2014.

But protecting our tigers, which are really our national treasure, is not just the responsibility of the government alone - it is a joint effort that requires collaboration across NGOs, corporates, government, local communities and the everyday Malaysian. Together, we can play an active role in the protection and conservation of our Malayan tigers, for generations to come.

Therefore, to make the tiger a national priority, we are inviting all the citizens of Malaysia to pledge our commitment to actively participating in efforts to conserve our Malayan tiger. This pledge also calls for the establishment of a National Tiger Committee chaired by the highest political will in the country, so that executive decisions on policy, allocation of resources, enforcement and land management favourable for tiger conservation can be made and implemented.