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Save our malayan tiger
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As Malaysia bounces back as a nation to reclaim its place as the Asian tiger, I pledge my support to save our Malayan tiger - the country’s symbol of pride and courage, which proudly flanks our revered Jata Negara - and make tigers a national priority.

Today, there are less than 200 Malayan tigers left in our country.

At WWF-Malaysia, we are committed to protecting our Malayan tigers. Will you join us?



We need more heroes like you!

*Statistics until 28 February 2020



Poaching is the most urgent threat to the tiger’s survival in the wild. The very existence of the Malayan tiger is now critically threatened and on the brink of extinction. I do not want to be a part of the generation that stands to lose the Malayan tiger.

Tigers are one of the world’s most iconic species. Being part of our planet’s natural heritage, they have great cultural and historical significance.

As an apex predator, Malayan tigers keep populations of prey species in check, which in turn maintains the balance in the ecosystem. This is not only important for wildlife, but for people too. Their habitat is natural forest, which we as humans  rely on. Whether it is directly for our livelihoods or indirectly for food, for carbon sequestration or for other vital ecosystem services . As the effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, natural forests are becoming increasingly important as they are our best bet to increase our resilience - they provide fresh water, clean air and regulate the climate to limit extreme weather, such as droughts and storms.

It’s now or never. By protecting tigers, we are protecting much more than just a species. We are safeguarding the quality of our own lives, and the quality of the lives of our future generations.



In 2018, Nepal made history by successfully doubling its tiger numbers. The establishment of a National Tiger Conservation Committee and Wildlife Crime Control Coordination Committee in this country played a significant role in this, as well as in achieving 365 days of zero poaching for rhinos, elephants and tigers between 2013 and 2014.

But protecting our tigers, which are really our national treasure, is not just the responsibility of the government alone - it is a joint effort that requires collaboration across NGOs, corporates, government, local communities and the everyday Malaysian. Together, we can play an active role in the protection and conservation of our Malayan tigers, for generations to come.

Therefore, to make the tiger a national priority, I join the citizens of Malaysia in pledging my commitment to actively participating in protection and conservation efforts of our Malayan tiger. I also pledge my full support for the establishment of a National Tiger Committee chaired by the highest political will in the country, so that executive decisions on policy, allocation of resources, enforcement and land management favourable for tiger conservation can be made and implemented.

Sincerely, a champion of Malayan tigers.


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