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The Living Landscapes Programme combines conservation and sustainable development by integrating protection of forests,wildlife and rivers,with RSPO certified production of oil palm,and restoration of ecological corridors and riparian reserves.

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Where do we work?

TheLiving Landscapes Programme will work in identified landscapes; i.e. the Sugut Landscape, Tabin Landscape and Tawau Landscape.


Jurisdictional Approach

Why do we go for a Jurisdictional Approach in our efforts to achieve sustainable production of commodities and remove drivers of deforestation and environmental damage?

  • Promotes shared values among stakeholders.

  • Matches administrative boundaries of governments.

  • Addresses sustainability through collective actions.

  • Looks beyond site-based boundaries, across different land-uses and ownership.

  • Promotes governments to work in collaboration with industry and civil society.

How do the Landscape Spatial Plans help conserve our natural resources and reduce land use conflict?
What are the certification steps for middle-sized growers?