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Putting appropriate, effective, and timely policies in place are crucial to ensure that environmental conservation is carried out effectively. We engage in selective strategic policy interventions on national policy and legal issues to help leverage for bigger and long-term change.
For example, we believe that the best way to meet the world’s growing palm oil needs without further damaging forests and people is through sustainable palm oil production. Together with other concerned stakeholders, WWF-Malaysia played a key role in setting up the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil  a collaborative platform for the expansion of sustainably produced palm oil and its uses.
WWF-Malaysia’s policy team carries out and coordinates the organisation's work by participating actively in national and state level meetings, forums and dialogues and consultations on a wide spectrum of environmental policy matters. The team also liaises with various government ministries and departments at the federal, state and local government levels.
The policy team provides technical support to other areas of WWF-Malaysia’s work on policy issues and ensures that policy interventions enhance the proposed targets and milestones of each of its conservation projects.
The team promotes and works towards addressing fundamental issues underlying environmental protection and wise use of natural resources by advocating for:

  • Full implementation of all international treaties, national policies and legislations in all areas pertaining to the environment

  • Development of better, stronger and more effective regulatory frameworks as well as national policies pertaining to environmental protection and conservation

  • Strict enforcement of environmental protection laws and policies