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Forests Still Protected From Poachers During MCO

Posted on 24 March 2020
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24 March 2020, Kota Kinabalu: The continued patrolling efforts and swift actions taken by those working on the ground through OPS Khazanah showed the team’s ongoing commitment and dedication to safeguarding Sabah’s forests.

WWF-Malaysia applauds the efforts undertaken by OPS Khazanah during its 2-day operation at the Ulu Segama Forest Reserve last week, which is especially commendable as it is conducted at a time where the nation faces the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Instead of staying home with their families during the MCO, the team has chosen to continue their patrolling and enforcement work to keep our wildlife safe from poachers,” said WWF- Malaysia’s Head of Conservation, Dr. Robecca Jumin.

“This is because they know that with the MCO in place, poachers will take the opportunity to hunt as they believe that the risk of capture is minimal,” she added.

The OPS Khazanah, comprising a joint effort that is led by PGA Batalion 17 Lahad Datu and Sabah Forestry Department’s PROTECT team and supported by WWF-Malaysia, found evidences of poaching in the form of a vehicle as well as two sambar deer and two mouse deer carcasses.

These evidences have been collected and passed on to the police for further investigation. “As we stay home with our families protecting ourselves from the pandemic, let us not forget about those who fight to keep Mother Nature safe.

“They are a part of our front liners during these trying times and it is only with their help can we keep our wildlife in the forest where they belong,” stressed Jumin.

“As for would-be poachers, let this operation be a reminder that it is business as usual for our rangers. They are continuing their duties at the frontlines to protect our forests amidst the ongoing situation. We ask that you heed the MCO to stay home,” she added.

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