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Our People

The WWF-Malaysia Family
© WWF-Malaysia / Rahana Husin
Would you risk life and limb to work in tiger territory; carry an outboard engine twice a day everyday for months on end or face up to loggers on a deserted stretch of road in the middle of nowhere - all in the line of duty?
Well, our staff has and still do. Living in remote places without electricity or much of a social life for weeks or months is something that they are used to. Working through the night – like sliding down a mudslide while still inside a 4WD – is rare but not unheard of.

These are the people who make up WWF-Malaysia Family. Committed individuals who believe in what they do.

From our humble beginnings as a 2-member organisation, WWF-Malaysia now has a workforce almost two hundred employees strong. In fact, we continue to grow along with the demands of more than 90 conservation projects in and around the country today.

Our staff is our strength. They work for the environment in the field of education, policy work, communication, marketing, programme management, information technology and many other technical and non-technical capacities. Yet they will down tools to play despatch or help out when the need arises.

Many people still think of animals and wildlife when the WWF-Malaysia name is mentioned. Contrary to popular belief, we are not known for our wrestling prowess. Neither are we zookeepers. We are however, full-time staff of WWF-Malaysia.

WWF encourages our staff to further their education. Over the last 5 years, 8 people have gone on full-time study leave, while some have chosen to pursue graduate studies on a part-time basis.

We are an equal opportunity employer with a strong multi-racial workforce representing all the states of Malaysia and even some parts of the globe. 45% of our employees are within the 20 to 30 age range, 45% from the 31 to 45 age group, 8% from the 46 to 55 age bracket, and 2% are passionate and driven senior citizens.