Research Enquiry Guidelines | WWF Malaysia

Research Enquiry Guidelines

Need information from us for your research project? Follow these guidelines and see how we can help you.

These guidelines serve to determine whether WWF-Malaysia is able to assist you with your research needs and to ensure that we are able to manage them in an efficient manner. This however, does not fully guarantee that we will be able to attend to all your research needs, given the amount of enquiries we receive on a regular basis. In this event, we will try our best to recommend alternative sources of information.

  • Students / researchers need to provide WWF-Malaysia with a copy of a formal letter from their academic institution, normally signed by the academic supervisor. This letter should include:
  1. Student/ researcher’s exact topic / title of research
  2. Purpose of the research
  3. Specific information / data needed from WWF
  4. How, where and, when the information will be used
  • This letter should be accompanied either by a detailed list of questions or a questionnaire which the relevant WWF-Malaysia staff can fill out or prepare for.
  • Student / researcher must make an appointment with the relevant staff if he / she needs to visit the WWF office to conduct an interview in person or via telephone.
  • Student / researcher is strictly prohibited from misusing the information / data provided by the organisation in a way that may misrepresent WWF-Malaysia and its mission. A copy of the research should be shared to the organisation.
  • Student / researcher must credit the source of the information / images (photos, diagrams, or maps) provided, whether it comes from WWF-Malaysia or any other third party source.
  • For better coordination, it would be best if only one person contacts WWF-Malaysia on behalf of a school or group. This is to prevent multiple requests coming from one school or group.