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1. Who is the WWF-Malaysia’s Donor Support Team?

Envo BPO Services Sdn Bhd is an authorised service provider for WWF-Malaysia and represents us as our Donor Support team.

2. Why doesn’t WWF-Malaysia use its own staff for Donor Support?

As much as we would like to, we are unable to bear the considerable cost of setting up a team large enough to manage our Donor Support section. This partnership with Envo BPO enables WWF-Malaysia to save costs and channel much more of your valuable donations directly to our conservation programmes.

3. What is Envo BPO’s responsibility?

Envo BPO is responsible for handling our day-to-day donor enquiries through telephone (Hotline: 1300 88 99369 ) and email (kawan@wwf.org.my). Besides handling donor enquiries, Envo BPO also works on the backend of our donation and merchandise processing.

4. Does Envo BPO get a commission from my donation?

No. Envo BPO only receives a monthly fixed fee from WWF-Malaysia’s pre-allocated fundraising budget. Your donations are received directly by WWF-Malaysia.

5. How do I know the authenticity of the representative?

Our representatives will use this email address wwfmalaysia@envobpo.com or when replying to your online enquiry and this telephone number 603 2820 1072 to call you. 

You can also contact us directly via email at kawan@wwf.org.my for further verification by providing us with the full name and phone number of the representative you wish to verify.

6. I have some feedback regarding a WWF representative. What should I do?

We welcome your feedback as it helps us improve our support to you. To enable us to better attend to your feedback, please also provide us with the following information where possible:

a. Your full name
b. Your contact details (phone / email)
c. Name of representative you talked to
d. Date and time of encounter with our representative