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ISKL Earth Week 2020

At the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), each of the Prep Reception (PR) and Prep Junior (PJ) classes is named after an endangered South East Asian animal. The hope is that by doing this, children will explore and learn about the animal and develop an appreciation for wildlife in the region.

During Earth Week in April 2020, students had been learning ways to save our environment and animals. Meaningful conversations were shared during Zoom discussion where the students demonstrated their care, empathy and thoughtfulness. In order to encourage our youngest learners to follow The Melawati Way by “Taking Care of Others” and “Taking Care of this Place”, a Puzzle-a-thon was held virtually. Parents sponsored an amount for each puzzle completed by their child so that the funds raised would be used to feed and care for the animals due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two particular classes, the Tigers and the Orangutans, decided to donate the funds raised during the Puzzle-a-thon event to WWF-Malaysia’s wildlife conservation efforts, while other classes donated to different organisations. The students believe that no matter how young they are; they can still make a big difference together!

WWF-Malaysia sincerely thanks all the students at PJYN (Orangutans), PRRG (Tigers) and their parents, as well as Yvonne Ng and the teachers at ISKL for their meaningful and important support.

Article by Yvonne Ng (PRPJ teacher from ISKL)

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