On Earth Day, WWF-Malaysia and artist Christine Das launched a beautifully designed T-shirt, with all sales proceeds to be channelled to WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts, including protecting Borneo elephants.

Borneo elephants, the world’s smallest known subspecies of elephants, are losing their homes and families, due to forests being converted to land uses such as plantations. As they come into more contact with agricultural lands and settlements built on their traditional routes, the risk of human-elephant conflict increases. With only about 1,500 Borneo elephants left in the wild in Sabah, WWF-Malaysia urgently needs help to continue our elephant conservation efforts. Please click HERE to help.

© Photo by Rizalis




Christine Das is a Malaysian born contemporary artist who schooled at Convent Green Lane Penang and obtained her formal arts education in graphic design at the Sain Academy of Arts Penang. Her artistic journey traversed book illustrations, displays, mural painting, graphic design and animation. She was even a scenic artist on the set of the Hollywood production “Anna and the King”, filmed in Malaysia in 1999, working alongside Peter Collias. In 2007, she turned to painting full-time.
© Christine Das
© Christine Das

It is truly an honour to be asked to work with the highly esteemed WWF-Malaysia on this elephant T-shirt project as it is in line with my life goals, something very close to my heart, to help raise awareness and funds for the Borneo elephants and also our Malaysian wildlife in general. 
Ever since I converted from a graphic designer to a contemporary artist, I told myself that my art must be a voice to a very worthy cause. I decided to be a voice for the voiceless and naturally chose Mother Earth and her inhabitants as I do have a strangely beautiful connection with her and in reality she is diminishing at a very fast rate!  Elephants especially touch my heart in a very profound way, and it was the incident in Sabah in the year 2013 when a herd of 14 Borneo elephants were killed, leaving behind Little Joe, that made me realise that I cannot not do anything to help them in my own small way, using my art as a gateway. Ever since then, I have been advocating the protection of the Borneo elephants, and not forgetting their home, the rainforest. 

Christine Das