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The Voyage of Our Turtles: MY4490/MY4491

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Location and movement of MY4490/MY4491

Turtle Name:
Not officially named yet.

Current Location
North of Pulau Kepaladjernih, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia
as of 03 September 2008 (Foraging Home)

Deployment Location
Pulau Upeh, Melaka

Deployment Date
03 August 2008

Flipper Tag Numbers

Curved Carapace Length (Shell Length)
83.5 cm

Curved Carapace Width (Shell Width)
73.7 cm

57 kg
© WWF-Malaysia / Nurul Bariah Babu
MY4490/MY4491 with a satellite transmitter attached.
© WWF-Malaysia / Nurul Bariah Babu


MY4490/MY4491 was tagged during our first encountered nesting last year on 15 April 2007, on the island (Pulau Upeh), and surprisingly she came back again this year (most hawksbills take a break for a year or more as you would imagine travelling hundreds of kilometres and laying more than half a thousand eggs can be very exhausting to commit to every year). She immediately became our favourite to deploy a satellite transmitter on and we managed to do so on her second nesting this season on 3 August 2008.

She returned to the island to nest for a total of six times, in which she laid 108 eggs during her last nesting for the season on 23 September 2008. Since then, she has cruised out of her nesting waters, indicating that she's ready to head back to her feeding or foraging ground. She arrived at the Riau Archipelago on the 3 October 2008 and has been residing there ever since, denoting that the waters off Pulau Kepaladjernih is her foraging home.