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The Voyage of Our Turtles: MY3267/MY3268

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Location and movement of MY3267/MY3268

Turtle Name:
Not officially named yet.

Current Location
Off Pulau Sugi, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia
as of 08 October 2008 (Foraging Home)

Deployment Location
Kem Terendak Beach, Melaka

Deployment Date
12 August 2008

Flipper Tag Numbers

Curved Carapace Length (Shell Length)
71.5 cm

Curved Carapace Width (Shell Width)
65.5 cm

42 kg
The third and final turtle deployed with the transmitter for this year 
© WWF-Malaysia
MY3267/MY3268 attached with a satellite transmitter on her nesting beach at the Army Camp, Kem Terendak.
© WWF-Malaysia


MY3267/MY3268 was deployed with a transmitter after her second nesting with the help of the army personnel of Kem Terendak. This is the second year of WWF-Malaysia's monitoring programme at Kem Terendak where tagging and the collection of eggs are done in the 2.5km stretch of beach. Eggs collected are sent to a hatchery managed by the Department of Fisheries at Padang Kemunting.

She came back on 26 August 2008 for her third nesting at Balik Batu, an adjacent beach to Kem Terendak, but by the time we arrived, she had already been moved from the nest pit she made and her eggs poached by the villagers. However, she crawled safely back to sea that night and returned to nest twice after that, including her final nest for the season.

She has since swam south, travelling out of the straits of Melaka and into Indonesian waters, very close to Pulau Sugi in the Riau Archipelago, which is currently her foraging home.