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Sabah Orang-utan Landscape (SOUL)

This project will help determine which parts of the Kinabatangan-Segama landscape must be retained in order to save this globally important orang-utan population. Read more...

Assessment of Ecological Habitat Requirements

The orang-utan has special habitat requirements compared to other wildlife living in the forests. They live, eat and nest high up in the forest canopy, seldom venturing to the ground except to move between the trees. Read more...

Rehabilitation Project in Lower Kinabatangan (HABITAT)

The variety of food for orang-utans gets scarcer every day and foraging for food isn’t like going to the supermarket. These ‘man of the forest’ are fast losing their grocery store as their rainforest home continues to fragment and deteriorate. Read more...

Securing The Ulu Segama-Malua Population

There is an urgent need to rehabilitate and restore degraded forests for the orang-utan’s survival so as to increase their range. One of the main areas for this project is North Ulu Segama. Read more...

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Angela Lim
Senior Communications Officer, Borneo Programme (East Malaysia)
WWF-Malaysia (Sabah Office)
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