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What You Can Do

How you can participate constructively in the Land-use Planning Process

There are avenues available to you, as a member of the public, to participate in the land-use planning process. You can do so as an individual or a group (through Community Based Organisations(CBO) such as Residents’ Associations) by reviewing draft Structure and Local Plans as well as Detailed Environmental Impact Assessments (DEIA) and providing your comments and recommendations for improvement.

Public participation is provided for in the law (the Town and Country Planning Act, 1976) for land-use plans such as the draft Structure and Local Plans. Likewise, guidelines by the Department of Environment (DOE) require public participation in DEIAs. The public will be invited to review and provide comments on these documents during a specified period of time.

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What is...

  • Structure Plans provide macro land use data and sets the policy direction for the future land use of a state or area. Local Plans provide the detailed land use plan for a district or area.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment is the analysis of the likely environmental consequences of a proposed human activity. Currently, only Detailed Environmental Impact Assessments are open for public review. The public cannot review and comment on Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessments.
    Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) Reports available to the public for review:
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