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Earth Hour Kudat 2015

Kudat Earth Hour 2015
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Earth Hour 2015 in Kudat, Sabah: Putting community Participation at the Heart of Climate Change Solutions.

How will 60 minutes of your positive action affect the country’s biodiversity?
Earth Hour is not just about switching off your lights and going dark for an hour every year. Instead, this year’s strong message of Earth Hour (EH) is for everyone to make a small everyday lifestyle change that will collectively have an impact on climate change.
To lend their support to protect and conserve their natural marine resources, community members from all walks of life will converge at the EH celebration in Kudat on Saturday, 28 March 2015. The event will kick off with a 5km Earth Hour Run that will start and end at the Esplanade at 4pm.
In addition to the Kudat District Office, the Earth Hour 2015 Run is jointly organised with Sabah Parks, Lembaga Bandaran Kudat, Tun Mustapha Park Community Conservation Group, Kudat Turtle Conservation Society, and WWF-Malaysia.

Tentative Program Earth Hour 2015

Kudat Town
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EH Kudat 2015: Protection of Seas
Climate change will have a big impact on marine habitats and species.  Understanding this impact and helping to reduce vulnerability to adverse impacts are key components of our work.  For example, ocean acidification due to climate change adds additional stresses to already fragile ecosystems like coral reefs.  By reducing other threats and identifying factors that help coral reefs survive these impacts; we can help coral reefs adapt to and withstand impacts of climate change.  We do this by:
  • Helping to establish marine protected areas such as Tun Sakaran Marine Park and the proposed Tun Mustapha Park, to promote natural resistance and resilience of marine ecosystems.
  • Working to restore natural ecosystems and full complements of predatory fish and prey species which are more resilient to changes in climate
WWF-Malaysia hopes that this event in Kudat, a gateway to the proposed Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) will serve as a platform to create awareness on climate issues and solutions. Moreover, the event will garner the support of those living on the TMP islands and the Sabahan public to continue to demonstrate their concern about climate change by conserving and using energy efficiently and generally avoiding wasteful consumption.

Earth Hour 2015 Run in Kudat

The registration can be done at A fee of RM10 per person, to be paid latest by 20 March, will entitle each participant to a TMP t-shirt, a Lucky Draw and an e-certificate of participation.
We would like to thank the following agencies for their support:

Banggi Youth Club
Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia
Kelab Berbasikal Kudat
Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia
Kumpulan Belia Nelayan
Lembaga Bandaran Kudat
Maliangin Island Community & Conservation
Sabah Crest
Amirjani Enterprise
Horn Lee Auto Accessories & Trading
Wawasan Hardware
Kudat Hospital
Royal Malaysia Police

CTI-CFF WOmen Leaders Forum Earth Hour Awareness Talk
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Women Leaders’ Forum Awareness Talk

Find out how women serve as major role players in marine conservation! The aims of the Women Leaders’ Forum (WLF) include highlighting roles of women in nature conservation through case studies and providing a platform for women in nature conservation to know each other.
Date:   28th March 2015
Venue: Kudat Library, Kudat, Sabah
Time: 2.00 – 4.00 pm
Speakers will include representatives from the Coral Triangle Iniative Sabah, Kudat Turtle Conservation Society (KTCS), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and Women Association of Pulau Omadal (WAPO).
Kudat Town
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Exciting Activities

Don’t miss out on video shows, acoustic performances, traditional dances and other fun-filled activities when we turn out the lights for EH 2015 Kudat! You might just be one of our lucky draw winners too!
Venue: Esplanade, Kudat
Time: 6:00 – 10:00 pm