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Economic Value

The proposed TMP produces Sabah’s third largest volume of fishery products from coral reefs, bays, and open waters.
Fisheries is an economic driver with approximately 100 tonnes of fish landed from the park are valued at about RM700,000 daily. During the good season (April to August), the turn-over could be more than RM1 million daily. 
The proposed TMP also supplied about 70 metric tonnes of Live Reef Fish to fish traders in 2001.  Seaweed is also grown in Banggi to supply carrageenan (emulsifier) to many food and cosmetic industries. Cottage industries such as homestays, sea cucumber farming and mangrove tourism also contribute towards the locals’ livelihoods. As a scenic and historical area in Sabah, the proposed Park has great potential for sustainable ecotourism.
It is estimated that conservation and ecotourism expansion would bring in a value of RM343 million, exceeding extractive industries of limestone and silica sand mining at only RM100 million. Therefore, economically it makes sense to lean more towards sustainable tourism and biodiversity conservation.
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