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Cultural Diversity

  • TMP is not only a treasure trove for marine life but also owns a rich cultural heritage unique to Malaysia.
  • There are diverse ethnic groups of seafarers and coastal communities comprised of Bajau, Ubian, Suluk, Bajau Laut, Cagayan and Sungai peoples.
  • Inland traditional farmers also make up the unique fabric of TMP society such as the Rungus, Kimaragang, Tambanua, Sonsogon, Murut and Kadazandusun peoples.
  • The Bonggi (also known as Dusun Bonggi) are unique islanders from the TMP area. 
Organised women groups from the Maliangin islands produce distinctive handicrafts; the Pandanus mats and accessories they weave are inspired by their beautiful landscape.
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Tun Mustafa Park - Bavanggazo
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