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Tun Mustapha Park

The proposed Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) measures almost 1 million hectares with more than 50 islands and islets and will be the largest marine protected area and the first multiple-use park in Malaysia. It will be managed in collaboration with local communities to protect marine and coastal ecosystems as well as to manage the rich resources contained within it.

The area boasts a rich marine biodiversity and is home to elusive dugongs and endangered sea turtles as well as other regular visitors such as the migratory whales. Diverse habitats, ranging from mangroves, seagrass beds to coral reefs, contribute to the rich marine biodiversity.

These habitats also provide productive fishing grounds that support 80,000 people living in the coastal areas. Fisheries is the economic mainstay of the area. In 2008, fisheries landing in TMP was recorded at more than 38,000 metric tonnes with a wholesale value of more than RM189 million. A valuation study in 2011 estimated the present value of fisheries in TMP at RM561 million.
Unfortunately, the proposed Tun Mustapha Park does not escape the prevailing environmental issues affecting other areas in the world. It is under threat from habitat degradation and overfishing, that if left unchecked, will leave the area impoverished in marine biodiversity and depleted of fisheries resources. 
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