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Forest Policy

Early steps, great hopes

Forest certification focuses on the Malaysian National Initiative, where a Pro-tem National Working Group (NWG) has been established in April 2006 with WWF-Malaysia as the secretariat. The NWG was formed to function as ‘a mechanism to support and monitor the development and implementation of forest certification and responsible forestry in Malaysia.’ The NWG is in the process of legalising its existence in order to carry out its planned activities. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is notified of progress on the Malaysia National Initiative by the NWG.

The Malaysian Criteria and Indicators [MC&I (Forest Plantations)] was drafted to address issues pertaining to forest plantation in Malaysia, and a Technical Working Group was formed to review the draft that formulated by an appointed consultant. It is now at the regional consultation process throughout the country which social and environmental organisations are participating in. In relation to this, the FSC is reviewing its certification standards for plantations and the first phase of the review came to a close in Sept 2006. For more information, please visit to the FSC website