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Mainstreaming Protected Areas

This strategy encompasses Federal- and State-level advocacy actions to strengthen biodiversity conservation through mainstreaming protected areas.
With a mix of interventions dealing with governance issues, national and State development policies and plans, and technical and financial support – this strategy seeks to bring about transformational changes to the governance of protected areas.

There are three approaches to this strategy:

1. Advocating the expansion of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE)’s role as the coordinating body for protected areas in Malaysia.
In Peninsular Malaysia, there are at least six key managing authorities (Department of Fisheries, Department of Marine Parks, Department of Wildlife and National Parks, State Forestry Departments, Johor National Parks Corporation and Perak State Parks Corporation) with each operating under different legal and institutional structures, having limited formal coordination and collaboration with each other. This situation leads to variations on the degree of protection, approaches in the management of natural resources, local community rights and privileges, and allocation of resources. By increasing NRE’s role in coordinating the protected area network in Malaysia, a national standard of management performance can be put in place to ensure the integrity of these protected areas.

2. Equipping the protected area management agencies with essential tools to enhance coordination.
This is done through providing tools such the Protected Area Master List, Protected Area database (including maps and profiles of each protected area), and protocol for monitoring of gazette notifications pertaining to protected areas. These tools will also allow for better integration of biodiversity conservation considerations into mainstream land use and development planning processes.

3. Improving capacity building opportunities for protected area staff.
The objective of this approach is to address the issue of insufficient capacity within protected area management authorities to effectively manage protected areas. Also, this approach aims to highlight the important role that protected area staff plays in protecting our biodiversity and to improve their status and motivation so that they can contribute more effectively.

Main Partners
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Department of Wildlife and National Parks
Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia
Protected Areas Managing Agencies