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Open Letter to the Honourable Minister, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Posted on 16 August 2018
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Malaysia is recognised as one of the top twelve mega-biodiversity countries in the world. Our country is home to a great variety of natural resources that provide for the well-being and economic development of its people. However, the pursuit of growth at the expense of the environment poses many threats to these resources and the people who depend on them. There has been a continuous and alarming decline of forest cover across Malaysia, and this contributes to flooding problems and the pollution of rivers from fine sediment washed from the land surface.
Pakatan Harapan’s aspiration to be business friendly and to balance economic growth with environmental protection (Promise 39 of Pillar 3), require a holistic Environmental Education (EE). There should be a focus on young people, but this education should also be directed at parents, teachers, lecturers and administrators. We believe that EE is fundamental to realising Pakatan Harapan’s promise.
This Open Letter includes four recommendations that we believe could shift the paradigm of EE in our country:
  1. Formulation and introduction of a policy on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). 
  2. We advocate the Ministry to establish smart partnership with students, parents, teachers, education advisers, and many others to learn from each other’s expertise in order to provide mutual support.
  3. We call on the Ministry to harness the network of higher learning institutions, research institutes, environmental and social NGOs to capitalise on their technical expertise and capacity for leadership.
  4. We encourage the Ministry to make available the resources necessary for successful delivery of EE
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For more information, please contact:

Farisha Zainol
Senior Communications Officer of Education for Sustainable Development Programme, WWF-Malaysia
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