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WWF-Malaysia's Board Statement on Safeguarding and Respect in the Workplace

Posted on 10 July 2018
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The respect, security and dignity of all our staff and the people we work with are deeply important to us, and we have a zero tolerance approach toward misconduct or harassment of any kind. The Board and the management at WWF-Malaysia were recently made aware of new information in relation to past allegations of harassment raised against staff. Although some parties concerned are no longer with the organization, and due process to the best ability of the management was adopted at the time, we as the present WWF-Malaysia Board launched an independent, external review to look at how we can adopt a greater duty of care at all times for our staff and the people we work with, to demonstrate our commitment to our zero tolerance policy.

The review, which included appropriate industry-wide best practices and lessons learned, highlighted areas that the Board collectively felt could be strengthened and as a result, we are taking a number of measures to improve the way future allegations of harassment and abuse are handled. These build on steps already put in place, and will encompass the standards newly strengthened by WWF-International on discrimination and harassment, child-protection rights and the network's whistleblowing policy towards generating greater awareness and understanding around respectful behaviour in the workplace.

As we focus on ensuring that our staff, and all those we work with, receive only the very highest levels of care, transparency and accountability, we would like to express our regret regarding the manner in which such matters were handled in the past. We will ensure our processes and policies are strengthened to ensure the respect, safety and well-being of all who work with us and will be making changes and forming a new executive committee consisting of trustees and staff to steer this process forward.

Working together with WWF International, and with their support, we are committed to doing all we can to ensure that all those who place their trust in us - staff, communities and partners on the ground, supporters and donors - can continue to help pursue our shared vision for conservation.

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