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Collaborative Efforts are Crucial in Achieving Zero Poaching

Posted on 15 March 2018
WWF-Malaysia Executive Director / CEO Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma.
© WWF-Malaysia / Rahana Husin
Kuala Lumpur: Malaysians were greeted by devastating news of yet another wildlife crime recently, as reports have streamed in on a 30-year old male elephant that was shot to death in Gerik, Perak. However, swift action by both the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) and the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) has resulted in the prompt arrest of four of these heavily-armed poachers. The group was found with deer antlers, suspected tiger bones, weapons (rifles and homemade shotguns), as well as animal snares.

While we mourn the loss of more Malaysian wildlife, WWF-Malaysia wishes to highlight and commend the collaborative efforts by DWNP and RMP in resolving this incident with immediate arrests. Protecting our wildlife is truly a joint effort, which requires collaboration across NGOs, government, corporate stakeholders and in some cases, local communities living within the area.

During the Royal Belum-WWF Conservation Summit held in November 2017, the state of Perak reiterated their commitment to achieving zero poaching by 2020. This also echoes the outcome of the High-Level Dialogue on Enhancing Tiger Conservation Efforts in Perak held in July 2017. Yesterday’s announcement on arrests based on joint efforts by DWNP and RMP is a strong testimony to the commitment from both parties in combating wildlife crime. This a step towards realising this collective vision of eradicating the threat of poaching once and for all.

Poaching for the illegal wildlife trade still remains as one of the greatest threats to wildlife conservation in Malaysia, including the critically endangered Malayan tiger. This trade operates globally, the same way illegal drugs and weapons are dealt with – by international networks – linking across the globe. WWF-Malaysia has always advocated the need to have more intelligence-based and collaborative teams to support special operations, and this recent operation is a successful example of how joining forces and working together can enable the authorities in effectively crippling wildlife poaching in our country.

We strongly urge all Malaysians to be more vigilant, aware and practice intolerance towards wildlife crimes, and play an active role in the protection and conservation of our Malaysian wildlife for generations to come. Please report wildlife crimes to the Wildlife Crime Hotline – 019-356 4194.

Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma 
Executive Director/CEO, WWF-Malaysia

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WWF-Malaysia Executive Director / CEO Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma.
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